Why Eufora??

Believe it or not we’re consumers too, and when we have to pick which companies we want to purchase from and represent it’s just as overwhelming as it can feel standing in a cosmetics store trying to pick one fab lipstick out of thousands. 

Last year we were introduced to Eufora and we fell in love.❤️

Color can be intensive. Some companies offer 10,000 personalized shades and others offer 100 mix and match. 
Hair products can be overwhelming. Some companies have too many products that do the same thing, and others have big holes and forget certain hair needs all together.

We started with Eufora color and quickly took on their hair products as well. Here’s why :

Eufora allows us to design color formualtions that are individualized, don’t over extend the hair, and we can use our creativity and years of color theory and chemical understanding of hair color to make the best choice for each client.

Their ingredients are top notch using natural plant extracts and essential oils. The results are beautiful and they are always updating their technology.

What more can we ask for? 

Well. The education. The stylist support. Eufora is a company based on the values of supporting the salon and the stylist behind the chair. They offer such a wide range of education and resources. To have a community of like minded stylists support each other instead of compete with each other is amazing and inspiring.

We get to take all this positivity, education, and support and pass it on to you! 

We chose Eufora because their values are in line with our own. Do right by your community, your clients, and each other. 

“With a passion for beauty, a dedication to community and a commitment to preserving the planet, the original Bewley family values have stood the test of time, proving that you don’t need to compromise creativity, compassion 
or well-being to become successful in the professional salon industry.”


At your next appointment let us share our passion for Eufora with you and introduce you to some amazing new products. We know you’ll love them too. 

Jackie Pierce