4 Reasons You'll Love Our Salon's App


If you’re anything like us, then your first question you ask yourself when you see someone offering a new app is, “Do I really need this?”. We get it. There’s like a bajillion apps out there, and most of them fall into the pile (or folder) of never-to-be-seen-again downloads. However, when Lillian James wanted to offer an app to our clients and potential new clients, we made sure it checked off all the important “must-have” features. This way you’ll be getting the most from our app.. And it remains OUT of that never-to-be-seen-again downloads pile.


One of the important features that the salon wanted to have on the app was a section that showed everyone our talented staff. We love our team at Lillian James Salon & Spa and we wanted to make it easy as possible for app users to see what they have to offer.

On the Lillian James Salon & Spa app, you’ll easily find our Team section. WIthin this section of the app, you’ll find all of our stylists, estheticians, assistants, and staff listed. Within each individual’s page, you’ll find some more information on them, a bio, and even be able to schedule an appointment with them. This way you’ll get to know them before you even walk through our doors making the process smooth and simple.


Adding to the simplicity of using the salon app, is the ability current and new clients have to schedule appointments. There’s a million things to do throughout the day. We hear you -- You’re running around like mad between school or work or kids or your social life. You might not have time to come in to schedule an appointment with us in person. You might not even have 5 minutes to talk to someone on the phone.

Our app makes scheduling a hair, skin, or make-up appointment easy as possible. Appointments can be booked in 4 quick steps removing the need for stopping in or calling us. All you need to do is the following.:

  1. Request appointment

  2. Fill out your name and contact info

  3. Select your desired date

  4. Hit Submit. Easy as pie.

Gift Cards

With the Lillian James Salon & Spa app, we wanted to put an emphasis convenience. You already know it’s a great way to meet the LJ team and schedule your appointments through a few swipes and taps, but did you know you could purchase gift cards through the app? Talk about a totally awesome benefit.

Is it Mom’s birthday and you forgot a gift? Is it your girlfriend at the office’s work anniversary? Looking to treat yo self and a few other people in your life? Open the app and get a gift card on the go. Our app makes it convenient for grabbing a gift that you know they’ll love.


If you’re not already sold on all of the benefits our salon’s app has to offer, then maybe the chance to win prizes will entice you.

Everyday you can open the Lillian James Salon & Spa app to try to win new prizes from us! Each day is a new chance. All it takes is a little bit of swiping to play our in-app scratch off game and you’ll find out quickly if you’ve won a great discount or other prizes just by opening the app and giving it a try.

Of course, our app offers plenty of other great features like upcoming events, salon specials, loyalty programs, and more. So, the convenience only starts with the few features talked about in this blog and doesn’t stop there. We hope if you’re a current client, new client, or even thinking about becoming a client, that you’ll head over to the App Store and download the Lillian James Salon & Spa app. Pretty soon, you’ll love it as much as we do.

Download Lillian James Salon & Spa app here.