We love to give back to the community that gave so much to us! Do you have a charity, sports team, or organization close to your heart that you’re doing fundraising for? Let us know! We love to support our LJ family and community reach their goals!


Recent Community Events

TWP Makes The Cut 2014
  • TWP Makes The Cut - May 29, 2014
    We were back on the scene for the third annual "Township Makes the Cut" at Washington Township High School. This year there were over 33 girls who donated 8 inches of hair or more to go towards Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, who partners with the American Cancer Society to make free wigs for women (and teenage girls) with cancer. We were honored to be a part of such a rewarding event!
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Mr Washington Township 2014
  • Mr. Washington Township - May 1, 2014
    Lillian James helped prep the participants of Mr. Washington Township for the 3rd year in a row! All nominated boys in the competition came in a couple days before their big event to get clean complimentary cuts, and their escorts came in the day of for makeup services & formal styles on the house. We all had a blast getting them prepared for their night of fun!
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Rowan University Basketball Game 2014
  • Rowan University Basketball Game - January 29, 2014
    On Thursday, April 25th, we were so excited to welcome the Mr. Washington Township escorts to LJ! We helped them prep and get ready for their big night on stage, alongside their dates. LJ stylists and make up artists provided complimentary services to calm the girls' nerves - they had some performing to do!
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Old Navy Women's Event 2014
  • Old Navy Women's Event - 2014
    Our salon was invited to participate in an event at the Old Navy that celebrated women in business. It was a day full of networking, client consultations, and girl power!
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